Touro Logs


Logs of superior quality are imported from Far East (Myanmar, Malaysia and Vietnam), Europe (Germany, Belgium) and South America. These freshly imported logs go through various quality checks to determine density, form, grain, strength etc and only the best ones are used to prepare ply and other products.



Touro Peeling

peelingUsing India’s best state-of-the-art rotary peeling machines the logs are processed to make sheets of face and core veneer.




Touro Drying


The peeled veneer then goes through our in-house jet dryers to remove all traces of moisture from them.




Touro Composition


Our highly experienced teams choose and process only the best core and face veneer so that our ply is free from excess moisture, gaps and overlaps.




Touro Pressing


After composing the Touro Ply is the subject to optimum temperature and pressure using the Country’s Best Hydraulic Hot Press which ensures that our ply is of unparallel strength and durability.




Touro Sawing & Sanding


Post pressing the plywood is made dimensionally accurate by our impeccable DD saw machines after which it goes through extensive sanding process to ensure a world class product.




Touro Finishing


The final touches to our Touro Ply is done under the supervision of our highly trained quality control staff using highly exhaustive quality checks to ensure only the best product is sent to our valuable customers.



Touro R & D


Our products are regularly checked in our state-of-the-art Touro Lab, conforming to the highest of testing and quality standards.