Block Board

Block Boards are made of extra thick grade veneers and are filled with premium imported pine logs, cut out of central beams and composed core-stock of batons. They are fabricated from extra thick circular pieces of imported hardwood and long core veneers. They are bonded with Urea Formaldehyde under high pressure and temperature. Cutting edge technology and special composing ensure that our boards are totally plain and uniform. Utmost care is taken to ensure no gaps, overlapping or corrugation which eliminates the chance of opening up of the board when cut. Block Boards are also totally resistant to termite, borer and other wood destroying organisms. They give exceptional strength and durability to your wall cabinets, cupboards, wardrobe and other furniture woodwork. Your carpenter will find it easy and hassle-free to work with them since they provide additional grip for screws and nails. These Block Boards are available in commercial and waterproof varieties for interiors.

Interior and exterior wood work and furniture like wardrobes, beds and tables etc. Partitions in offices, flooring and seats of bus bodies, Railway Coaches, Indoor panels and shutter.

BWP & MR Grade Block Boards are available in various sizes and thickness.


Various Sizes of Block Board available are as follows:
8 * 4 feet
7 * 4 feet
6 * 4 feet
6 * 3 feet
Various Thickness of Block Board available are as follows:
25mm ( Only on order )