Flush Door

Flush Doors are manufactured from specially selected and seasoned hardwood timber. It has a Blockboard construction, framed with hardwood battens. The bonding is done at high temperature with phenol formaldehyde resin. It is then treated with preservatives. It has various qualities including High dimensional stability, exceptionally long-lasting, Resistant to termites and borers, Smooth and flawless surface, can withstand Climatic Changes.

Flush door are used where water splashing is common such as toilet, bathroom & Balcony Doors, also where elegance is required i.e. entrance, living area doors etc.

BWP & MR Grade Flush Doors are available in various sizes and thickness.


Various Sizes of Flush Doors available are as follows:
Sizes are available on order
Various Thickness of Flush Doors available are as follows:
other thickness are available on order

* Made with imported Hardwood and Pinewood